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SoCal Networking was formed in 2020 at the heels of the coronavirus pandemic. As business owners, many of us felt the far-reaching impacts of this global pandemic. As those impacts surface at home, in our businesses and in our backyards, we have a choice. Do we keep doing business the way we always have, or do we start thinking differently?

As a group of experienced business owners, we all come at growth from different angles. We’ve had unique and shared experiences. We’ve had success and we’ve certainly had failure. But we persevere. We share our lessons, goals, and connections with this group.

First and foremost, we are a professional networking organization with a goal of providing qualified introductions and business opportunities. We exist to help both the business and the business owner grow and succeed. We bring together heavy hitters throughout Southern California, and encourage building great relationships so that we all learn and understand our individual goals.

Members of SoCal Networking are participants, not bystanders. We work together, and we don’t stop. And we celebrate big wins. Come join us and learn more.

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