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    About United Wholesale Funding

    United Wholesale Funding Inc is a mortgage broker allowing borrowers access to the best rates and fee’s when mortgaging a property. Our make sense lending positions borrowers to make well informed decisions when purchasing, refinancing or investing residential or commercial property.

    About Me

    My works dedication is in the mortgage, real estate and financial industry. I have developed clients who now consider me their personal mortgage professional. My focus remains as the eyes and ears to lending so I can support as a great advisor and sounding board.

    These Are The Services I Can Help You Learn About:

    • Fixed and variable mortgages for residential and commercial lending
    • Qualified mortgages under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    • Fixed and variable mortgages for residential and commercial lending

    A Good Referral For Me…

    I like to work with savvy borrowers who understand the world of leverage and mortgage lending as well as the borrower who pursues his purchase with a curious mind and wants to know more about why working with a mortgage broker is so important. I work with attorney’s, financial planners as well as business owners who uses a personal mortgage broker as a value add to employees.

    Organizations, Certifications & Affiliations

    • Real Estate Licensed
    • AIME Member
    • Brokers Are Better

    Feel like a client not a customer

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